Meet Meredith

Hello! I am Meredith, licensed in the state of New York as a mental health counselor, and I welcome you here. As a LMHC, I truly love what I do. I bring a wealth of real-life experience and confidence to handle what live throws your way. Using a personalized combination of listening, insight, humor, and a healthy dose of reality, I will support and encourage you to discover (or recover) and use your strengths. I am solid in my innate ability to truly care, inspire, incite laughter, and supply tissues for tears on your journey.

My path to becoming a licensed mental health counselor was not direct. After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in Psychology, I later went on to earn my Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco. Adding to my skill set, I earned my second Masters in School Counseling from Western Connecticut State University. I have mentored at-risk kids, worked with low-income individuals, and held the titles of school counselor, college counselor, and career advisor. As hard as I worked, I believed I could still do more with formal training. With an incredible amount of determination and a solid support system in place, I decided to take the leap to help others by earning my license; I am now living my dream. My point is that if I can do it, so can you. I’m eager to share what I have learned and the importance of being aware, creating a plan, making hard decisions/sacrifices, and getting support. I relish in encouraging others to find themselves, their path, and their success.

My Approach

It is my style to meet you where you presently find yourself. A huge believer in psycho-education, I assign “homework” so you’ll continue to be engaged between our sessions. Using an eclectic array of counseling techniques, you will be listened to and able to share some of your past; facing reality, we will attentively look and plan for your future. We will focus on your strengths and together develop solutions to best reach your goals.

After creating a warm, comfortable, and confidential environment, we will work collaboratively. Your voice is most important and I encourage you to use it. Although regular “check-ins” are in place, you are supported in speaking up. Practicing in-sessions will strengthen your voice for out-of-sessions.

In an effort to stay up-to-date, I actively participate in individual and peer supervision; I also engage in my own therapy. I complete webinars and read books/workbooks. If I am stuck on an issue or problem, don’t know something, or am struggling, I will seek help myself.

Meredith Madden laughing